In this post, I will show you all what is needed to start your own affiliate marketing strategy from  NOTHING TO SOMETHING!  In 7 easy and clear steps. As you all know, every single day I do my best to answer each of my audience and give out my best advice based on my experience. So, I think that the best advice I can give today is to get out of your comfort zone, stop complaining and commence action on a new job. To do this, you  need to innovate yourself, improve your skills and make money. Start thinking that you have plenty of time and money is the last thing you need. Every job I can suggest to you is nothing if you don't get the real passion and motivation to do it. Even if it's an easy job ( like affiliate marketing ), it will not get you to reach your dreams if you don't build it on your passions. My friend, the solution you need is about passion and mindset. PASSION  : If you find your real passion, you don't need to force yourself to study or whatever. If you


Affiliate Marketing is a performance based marketing. So, keep always in your mind that you have to track your performance every single day! There are different ways you can run, manage and promote an affiliate program and this may involve multiple parties in the relationship. But there are two main participants without which the existence of the very type of marketing as such as  affiliate marketing  would have not been possible. And these are the party that has the product and services and the party sells it,  YOU. The former is sometimes called advertisers or vendor, the latter is the Affiliate ( You) , sometimes called publisher.                 How It Works. Here are the 7 steps to start affiliate marketing. 1. Choose one affiliate marketing platform to start with.  ( I recommend Expertnaire Platform ) 2. Choose your niche. 3. Search for the best product for your niche on the platform. 4. Sign up for their affiliate program : you will get a special link that allows the vendor to t


The company has been referred to as "one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world", as well as the world's most valuable brand. Amazon is worth over  $1.6Trillion  but they don't own the products listed on the marketplace. They simply  CONNECT  buyers with merchants. Uber is committing to becoming a fully electric, zero-emission platform by 2040, with 100% of rides taking place in zero-emission vehicles. Uber is the largest transport company in the world, but do  NOT  own most of the taxis ...they simply  CONNECT  riders with drivers. THESE TWO COMPANY SELLS PRODUCTS THEY DO NOT NOT PRODUCE!!! One of the easiest way to build an online business in this 21st century is through AFFILIATE MARKETING!!!.                CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED. Affiliate Marketing is a performance based marketing. So, keep always in your mind that you have to track your performance every single day! Affiliate Marketing is the most easiest job you can do from home b